Front Office





  • Per Debi M.: Do not shred your NS/CXL fee tickets anymore! Instead, mark the fee ticket as a NS, CXL, R/S, etc. and turn it in with the batch at the end of the day.
  • BCBS Federal: We need to be changing this package based on where the patient is being seen. If they’re seen in TN, leave it as BCBS-FEP-TN. If they are being seen in KY, change it to KY. This is the same thing we do for Medicare packages.
  • Documenting in MDI: There’s been some confusion about where/how to document r/s appts in MDI. Add on to an entry if the pt is r/s a cxl/NS appt (you will typically get these calls at Phones). Check in will start an entirely new entry for a NS. Phones will start an entirely new entry for a cancelled appt. We will be going over this more in depth at our meeting on Friday.
  • Be sure to add pt’s PCP and ref dr. to their demographics tab in MDI!
  • Future schedule numbers for CPP: We now need to split each day into morning and afternoon clinics. We haven’t been scheduling evenly between the two clinics when a doctor is here all day. Be sure to leave a copy at check out now, too, so we can refer to them throughout the day. 
  • Since the future schedule numbers for CPP will now be divided between morning and afternoon clinics, be sure to refer to them when scheduling appts. 
  • R/S from a cancelled appt: After every time you r/s from a cancelled/NS appt in Athena, make a note in MDI under the NS/cxl entry with the new appt date. If it’s r/s within time frame, issue resolve. Notify the tech office if it isn’t. 
  • Calls from Castle Biosciences need to go to Kayla K’s voicemail (7343), unless they ask specifically for someone else.
  • We’re aware of the issues we’ve been having rolling and unrolling the phones, and have been in contact w/ Jeremy at Magic Apple. Per Jeremy, only try to put in the password ONE TIME. The new passwords are posted at each station. If you get an error message, call Level 3 support so they can log in and help in real time. 
  • Per Michelle/SVMIC: Under HIPAA, we are not required to have a specific form signed by the patient when we are releasing records to another treating physician, regardless of if we referred them there or not. We just need to verify the identity of the person making the request. HOWEVER, our practice has decided to have a written request from the pt.  If there are logistical or time sensitive challenges presented by the patient, Debbie can work with the patient/treating physician office and coordinate accordingly on a case by case basis.  When our staff receive these requests while the patient is in the office, they should continue obtaining signed release forms from our patients before the patient exits the office.  If that is not possible, they need to notify Debbie who will follow-up with the patient accordingly.
  • Everyone needs to be wearing their name tag!! If you need a new one, let us know and we will get it ordered for you. There is a $20 replacement fee if you’ve lost your original name tag.
  • We schedule everyone the way we do for a reason; it may be because of their travelling hours, someone is scheduled off, training, or numerous other reasons. If you have a question/concern about where you are scheduled, please come to us.