ATTENTION!!!!!!! Week of 6/19/17
1) Please give a warm welcome to Titay Ayano(Pronounced "Ta Ty") and Jeri Whitmire, new technicians, to our TNR family! Titay comes to us with Retina experience from Lexington, Kentucky and Jeri comes to us with a background in Optometry. Welcome Titay and Jeri!!!!!!
2) Welcome back Patricia!!!!! We missed you!!!!!
3) There will be a NHO(New Hire Orientation) this Friday from 8:30-11:30 in the large conference room. Please check your schedule so you know if you should attend.
4) All-If you are assisting with unpacking any clinical supplies (including drug), make sure you review the packing slip and compare it to the items inside the box you are unpacking. The packing slip MUST match the contents of the box. For example: If the packing slip shows Proparacaine with a quantity of 50 bottles and you only see 48 bottles, this is an issue and alert a clinical manager immediately. 
5) All-Avondale Partner’s, TNR’s 401k investment advisor, will be onsite in the Nashville office over the lunch hours on June 19th, June 21st, and June 22nd to answer any investment questions, etc.  
2) Deadline for those who meet eligibility criteria and want to participate must submit their enrollment forms to Kii or me by Friday, June 23rd. any investment questions, etc.  Deadline for those who meet eligibility criteria and want to participate must submit their enrollment forms to Kii or Michelle by Friday, June 23rd.
6) All-Please make sure to have a patient sign a records release for Donna when the patient gives you paperwork for Donna to complete.
7) All-Please make sure you are putting all your belongings up and you are ready to start working in your designated place before you clock in.
8) Please double check with a manager if you see a discrepancy between the body of the tech schedule and the notes on the bottom. We try to make every effort to that everything is correct on the schedule  but since there are so many pieces to the puzzle there are occasional errors.
9) Scribes- Please watch the AutoFluress codes carefully in the coding tab. It is currently populating as the FA code 92235 instead of correct FP code 92250. If you notice this please make Cher aware.